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Embed 3rd party media content in MDX - no import required
npm install storybook-addon-mdx-embed
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MDX Embed

MDX Embed allows you to easily embed popular 3rd party media content such as YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts and many more straight into your .mdx - no import required!

🚀 Getting started

There are a number of way to use mdx-embed. Head over to the docs site for more information on the current packages:

📦 npm packages

Package Security Status
mdx-embed Known Vulnerabilities
gatsby-plugin-mdx-embed Known Vulnerabilities
storybook-addon-mdx-embed Known Vulnerabilities

🕺 Core Team

If you're using mdx-embed in your project we'd love to hear from you!

Paul Scanlon


Scott Spence

Rich Haines


❤️ Contributors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!


Liran Tal

Rémi Roycourt

Matías Hernández

Jefferson Bledsoe

Alexander Malinov

Nicky Meuleman



Alex Mercier

Christoph Benjamin Weberr

Brent Larson

Bogdan Lazar
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