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Parent: main.js|ts configuration


Enables Storybook's additional features.


Type: boolean

Generates a stories.json file to help story loading with the on-demand mode.


Type: boolean

Apply decorators from preview.js before decorators from addons or frameworks. More information.


Type: boolean

Enables support for MDX version 1 as a fallback. Requires @storybook/mdx1-csf to be installed.


Type: boolean

Default: true

Opts out of on-demand story loading; loads all stories at build time.


(⚠️ Experimental)

Type: boolean

Filter args with a "target" on the type from the render function.

On-demand story loading

As your Storybook grows, it gets challenging to load all of your stories performantly, slowing down the loading times and yielding a large bundle. Out of the box, Storybook loads your stories on demand rather than during boot-up to improve the performance of your Storybook. If you need to load all of your stories during boot-up, you can disable this feature by setting the storyStoreV7 feature flag to false in your configuration as follows:

Known limitations

Because of the way stories are currently indexed in Storybook, loading stories on demand with storyStoreV7 has a couple of minor limitations at the moment:

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