Storybook's Typeset Doc Block helps document the fonts used throughout your project.

Docs blocks with typography

Working with MDX

Similar to other documentation related Doc Blocks (e.g., ColorPalette, IconGallery), the TypeSet Doc Block is also commonly used with MDX. It allows additional customization via options. Below is a condensed example and table featuring all the available options.

fontFamilyProvides a font family to be displayed .
<Typeset fontFamily={"Nunito Sans"} />
fontSizesProvides a list of available font sizes.
<Typeset fontSizes={[ 12, 14, 20 ]} />
fontWeightDefines the weight of the font to be displayed.
<Typeset fontWeight={800} />
sampleTextDefines the text to be displayed.
<Typeset sampleText='Example Text' />