Storybook 5.0 - March 2019

Storybook 5.0 is a completely new UI with the following improvements:

  • 🌓 New design with light and dark themes
  • 🛠 Canvas toolbar for easy access to addons
  • 🗺 Overhauled navigation sidebar with an intuitive menu
  • 🗜 Redesigned addons panel with handy buttons to toggle visibility and orientation
  • ⌨️ Improved keyboard shortcuts that are user configurable
  • 🌍 New URL structure that eliminates long strings of query parameters

5.0 contains hundreds more fixes, features, and tweaks. Browse the changelogs matching 5.0.0-alpha.*, 5.0.0-beta.*, and 5.0.0-rc.* for the full list of changes. See to upgrade from 4.x.