Create an Addon
  • Introduction
  • Setup
  • Register addon
  • Track state
  • Decorators
  • Preset
  • Add to catalog
  • Conclusion


Help automate and extend Storybook

Congratulations! You created and published your first Storybook addon. Along the way you learnt about the inner workings of Storybook and just how truly customizable it is. 42% of JavaScript developers already use Storybook. The dynamic addon ecosystem is one of the top reasons why.

Create an addon and help the community customize and automate Storybook!

Getting started is straightforward. The Addon Kit offers everything you need to build an addon. With the addon API, you can add new features, automate workflows, and integrate with your favourite libraries. What’s more, you can share those addons with thousands of devs via the addon catalog.

Learn more

The addon documentation offers more guides, code samples and a knowledge base full of recipes.

If you’re coding along with us, your repositories should look like this: Sample addon repository. This example was based on the Storybook Addon Outline.

You can also reference other addons such as Pseudo States, Dark Mode and all other official addons and play with them in the official Storybook.

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