Get started with the Addon Kit

We'll use the Addon Kit to bootstrap our project. It gives you everything you need to build a Storybook addon:

  • 📝 Live-editing in development mode
  • ⚛️ React/JSX support for the UI
  • 📦 Transpiling and bundling with Babel
  • 🏷 Plugin metadata
  • 🚢 Release management with Auto

To start, click the Use this template button on the Addon Kit repository. This will generate a new repository for you with all the Addon Kit code.

addon kit

Next, clone your repository and install dependencies.

npm install
# For npm 7 use this instead
npm i --legacy-peer-deps

Finally, start the development mode. This starts up Storybook and runs babel in watch mode.

npm run start

The addon code lives in the src directory. The included boilerplate code demonstrates the three UI paradigms and other concepts such as managing state and interacting with a story. We'll explore this in more detail in the next few sections.

Next Chapter
Register addon
Build the addon UI and register it in Storybook