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Integrate SvelteKit with Storybook

SvelteKit is a framework for rapidly developing robust, performant web applications using Svelte.

This recipe assumes that you already have a SvelteKit >= 1.0 app and have just set up Storybook >= 7.0 using the getting started guide. Don't have this? Follow Sveltekit's setup instructions then run:

# Add Storybook:
npx storybook@latest init

Feature support

With our package, Storybook automatically mirrors the project settings of SvelteKit. Here's what you'll get:

  • 📚 Supports imports that use the special $lib alias
  • 👓 Components can read current environment information from $app/environment
  • 🖼️ $app/paths is supported so you can safely get paths for assets
  • 🛒 Stores in $app/stores are supported out of the box

In a project without Storybook

Run the following command in your SvelteKit project's root directory, and follow the prompts:

npx storybook@latest init

Storybook will automatically detect your SvelteKit project and install the necessary packages and configurations.

In a project with Storybook

If you’re already using Storybook prior to version 7 in a project, upgrade Storybook with this command, and follow the prompts:

npx storybook@latest upgrade

If your existing project is configured with the Vite builder, it will prompt you to migrate your Storybook configuration and dependencies to the new @storybook/sveltekit package automatically.

Storybook CLI automatically detecting a SvelteKit project

If your existing Storybook setup is using the Webpack builder, it can’t automatically migrate for you, because there’s no way to migrate your Webpack configuration to a Vite configuration. In that case, follow the manual migration steps instead.

Get involved

Now you're ready to use SvelteKit with Storybook. 🎉 If you use SvelteKit at work, we'd love your feedback on the SvelteKit + Storybook experience.

Join the maintainers and our thriving community in Discord.

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