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Welcome to Storybook's documentation ✦ Learn how to get started with Storybook in your project. Then, explore Storybook's main concepts and discover additional resources to help you grow and maintain your Storybook.

What is Storybook?

Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation. It helps you develop and share hard-to-reach states and edge cases without needing to run your whole app. Thousands of teams use it for UI development, testing, and documentation. It's open source and free.

Install Storybook

Storybook is a standalone tool that runs alongside your app. It's a zero-config environment that works with any modern frontend framework. You can install Storybook into an existing project or create a new one from scratch.

npx storybook@latest init

Want to know more about installing Storybook? Check out the installation guide.

Main concepts

Storybook is a powerful tool that can help you with many aspects of your UI development workflow. Here are some of the main concepts to get you started.

Additional resources

Once you've learned the basics, explore these other ways to get the most out of Storybook.

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