Storybook provider / hook add-on for consuming storyContext and storyFn anywhere in the story render tree.

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useStorybook - provider & hook


This addon provides a decorator and hook to consume the storyContext and storyFn of the current active story anywhere in the render tree. It's especially useful when you want to inspect the story content, or use parts of the storyContext in utility functions or event tracking.


either with NPM or Yarn:

yarn add @alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook


npm install --save @alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook

Basic usage

A HOC is provided to make hooking the provider into your stories is as seamless as possible:

Add the HOC as a decorator in ./storybook/preview.js:

import { withStoryContext } from '@alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook';


Use the provided hook anywhere in the story render tree:

import { useStorybook } from '@alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook';

export default {
  title: "Components|my-component",

export const Default = () => {
  const { storyContext, storyFn } = useStorybook();


Advanced usage

There are cases where more finegrained control is desired. Therefore in addition to the withStoryContext HOC, access to the underlying provider and context is possible:


import { StoryProvider } from '@alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook';

addDecorator((storyFn, storyContext) => {

  return (

This function signature is exactly what the withStoryContext hoc provides.


import { StoryContext } from '@alexanderjeurissen/use-storybook';

addDecorator((storyFn, storyContext) => {

  return (
    <StoryContext.Provider value={storyFN, storyContext, ...}>

This provider signature is exactly what the <StoryProvider component provides.