Storybook addon for building and testing AMP components

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The storybook AMP addon allows rendering of AMP content inside the Storybook environment.

@ampproject/storybook-addon allows switching between three AMP modes: Module (v0.js), No-module (v0.mjs) and Bento. It also allows switching between development mode (locally hosted v0.js) and production mode (CDN hosted v0.js).

Getting Started

First, add the @ampproject/storybook-addon to your project:

npm install --save-dev @ampproject/storybook-addon

Second, register the @ampproject/storybook-addon to your config (.storybook/main.js):

module.exports = {
  addons: ['@ampproject/storybook-addon'],

Writing storybooks

An AMP story uses withAmp decorator:

import {h} from 'preact';
import {storiesOf} from '@storybook/preact';
import {withAmp} from '@ampproject/storybook-addon';

export default {
  title: 'amp-carousel',
  decorators: [withAmp],
  parameters: {
    extensions: [{name: 'amp-carousel', version: '0.2'}]},

export const Default = () => {
  return (
    <amp-base-carousel width="440" height="225">
      {['lightcoral', 'peachpuff', 'lavender'].map((color) => (
        <div key={color}>{color}</div>

The following parameters can be specified:

  1. extensions: [{name, version}] - a list of extensions to be installed.
  2. experiments: [string] - a list of experiments to enabled.

amp-script hashes

Inline scripts used by amp-script require a <meta name="amp-script-src"> tag that includes their content hash.

This addon generates the script hash for stories that need it. The following works without writing the respective <meta> tag:

export const UsingInlineScript = () => (
    <amp-script script="hello" nodom></amp-script>
    <script id="hello" type="text/plain" target="amp-script">
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