Addon to provide a user-agent switcher for storybook

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This addon for storybook will allow you to view your component rendering with different user-agent.


Getting Started

First, install the addon

yarn add -D storybook-addon-user-agent

Register the addon

// addons.js
import 'storybook-addon-user-agent/dist/register';


Work with bowser

Sometimes we use bowser in our project for browser detection which depends on user-agent identification. Since we want bowser re-parse current user-agent right after we select new user-agent (which might not be workable in current major version v1.x of bowser, and looks like it will come with v2. I'm not sure for it, please update me if I'm missing something here 🙏).
In this case, you can use the bowser module we provided here. In fact, it just a module extended the origin bowser with detecting whether you are working in storybook or not, if so, it'll parse user-agent every execution, if not, then it will just work as usual.

// change
import bowser from 'bowser';
// to
import bowser from 'storybook-addon-user-agent/bowser';

// usage is same as usual
//, ...