Lingui v3
Storybook Addon for LinguiJS v3
npm install @bumped-inc/storybook-addon-lingui-v3
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Add Lingui v3 support with the ability to switch between locales inside Storybook

Getting Started

In your main.js, add "@bumped-inc/storybook-addon-lingui-v3" to your addons array.

Add the lingui parameter, likely in your preview.js file. It should look akin to

import { messages as en } from "./locales/en";
import { messages as fr } from "./locales/fr";
import { messages as he } from "./locales/he";
import { messages as ja } from "./locales/ja";

  lingui: [
    { id: "en", name: "English", messages: en },
    { id: "fr", name: "French", messages: fr },
    { id: "he", name: "Hebrew", messages: he },
    { id: "ja", name: "Japanese", messages: ja },