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Carbon for IBM Products

Carbon for IBM Products is an open source implementation of the closed source IBM Software pattern asset library (PAL). These PAL designs build on the foundation of IBM’s open source Carbon Design System and React implementation to offer components and patterns beyond the typical component library. Carbon for IBM Products was previously known as Carbon for Cloud and Cognitive, and this name can still be encountered in various places and historical logs.

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🚀 Getting started

If you’re just getting started and looking to browse our React components, take a look at our Storybook.

All of our source code and documentation, including this readme, can be found on our GitHub repo, which is also the place to open issues if you have a problem or find a defect or would like to request a new feature or change something.

If you have access to the IBM Slack workspaces, join our Slack channel where you can ask questions, report problems, and get help from the team and from other users.

This project consists of a number of component library packages published on npm:

Package name Description
@carbon/ibm-products A curated set of components and patterns, built on top of Carbon and designed by the Carbon for IBM Products team
@carbon/ibm-cloud-cognitive-cdai (v1 only) Legacy and non-curated design implementations used in application integration
@carbon/ibm-security (v1 only) Legacy and non-curated design implementations used in security

Also the following additional utility packages are published on npm:

Package name Description
@carbon/storybook-addon-theme A storybook addon enabling Carbon theme switching

The remaining packages are part of our project infrastructure and are not published on npm.

Version support

Carbon 11 support is introduced in Carbon for IBM Products

Package name Carbon package React version
@carbon/ibm-products @carbon/react 18, 17, 16

The following packages support Carbon 10 and are considered packages.

Package name Carbon package React version
@carbon/ibm-products @carbon/ibm-cloud-cognitive-cdai @carbon/ibm-security carbon-components-react carbon-components @carbon/icons-react @carbon/icons @carbon/colors @carbon/elements etc 17, 16

If you’d like to learn more about migrating from Carbon 10 to Carbon 11, please see the Carbon v11 migration guide (which includes codemods via @carbon/upgrade) and the Carbon for IBM Products v2 migration guide.

🙌 Contributing

This project is made possible by several community members who have invested their precious time to give back to the Carbon community. It will continue to be possible by having those that benefit from the package contribute back to it.

So, do not be shy. We both depend on and appreciate contributors, new and old, who help us fix bugs, build new features, improve our documentation, etc.

This repository is a monorepo and contains multiple packages so be sure to check the relevant package for any package-specific guidance.

Read also our Contributing Guide and Carbon’s Developer Handbook! 👀

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

📝 License

Licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

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