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Addon Bit
Integrate component versions info from Bit
npm install @feux/storybook-addon-bit
Last updated 9 months ago
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Storybook Bit Addon

What it does

For projects utilizing both Storybook and Bit, this addon brings Bit component data into Storybook. Using this addon will integrate the following information regarding a component, into Storybook:

  • Available version tags
  • Installation strings
  • Source code
  • Dependencies


Follow this link to a Storybook using the addon. Activate the 'Bit Versions' tab:


  • Change logs for components are not included since they are not available in the response provided by the api (
  • This addon will not render different component versions in Storybook.


Server Api requirements

To be able to display data from you need a server to proxy api calls. For this addon the following routes need to be configured:

The addon requires these routes to return data regarding a specific component that you have hosted on

The component route must return json data modelled the same way as[org].[scope].{component-id}

The tarball route must return the Gunzipped contents of a components tarball:[org].[scope].{component-id}/-/@bit-[org].[scope].{component-id}-{version}.tgz

This addon requires the .tgz to be unzipped on the server and the contens to be returned from the tarball route. Here's an example of how that woul look:

How to implement this addon

Register the addon in .storybook/main.js:

module.exports = {
  "addons": [

In your .storybook/preview.js, add a parameters variable if one does not exist already and add a bit paremeter to it, to be able to retrieve Bit component data via your server:

export const parameters = {
  bit: {
    apiUrl: "",

Then in your stories add an object named parameters (if one does not exist already) to the storys' metadata object (the storys' default export) then add bit to parameters:

export default {
  parameters: {
    bit: {
      componentId: 'ui/button',
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