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Fluent UI React is shipping its v9 final stable release. Visit the Fluent UI React v9 Release page on the wiki to learn more about the upcoming release schedule.

Fluent UI web represents a collection of utilities, React components, and Web Components for building web applications.

This repo is home to 3 separate projects today. Combining Fluent UI React v9 components with Fluent UI React v8 or v0 components is possible and allows gradual migration to Fluent UI v9.

The following table will help you navigate the 3 projects and understand their differences.

React Components (v9) React (v8) Web Components
Overview New, future-proof and forward looking Mature Web Component implementation of Fluent UI.
Used By Microsoft 365 Office Edge
Read Me
Repo packages/react-components ./packages/react ./packages/web-components
Quick Start Quick Start Quick Start See
NPM @fluentui/react-components @fluentui/react @fluentui/web-components
Version npm version npm version npm version
Issues Fluent UI React Components GitHub Issues Fluent UI React GitHub Issues Fluent UI Web Components GitHub Issues

Why are there two React versions? Fluent UI v8 is still widely used. We encourage you to migrate to Fluent UI v9. See the Migration overview.

FluentUI Insights

Fluent UI Insights is a series that describes the design and decisions behind the Fluent UI design system.

EP01: Positioning EP02: Styling EP03: Griffel
EP04: Foundational APIs EP05: Theming EP06: Accessible by default


All files on the Fluent UI React GitHub repository are subject to the MIT license. Please read the License file at the root of the project.

Usage of the fonts and icons referenced in Fluent UI React is subject to the terms of the assets license agreement.


You can view the complete list of additions, fixes, and changes in the file for each package.

Looking for Office UI Fabric React?

The Office UI Fabric React project has evolved to Fluent UI.

The office-ui-fabric-react repo is now this repo (fluentui in the Microsoft organization)! The name change should not disrupt any current Fabric usage, repo clones, pull requests or issue reporting. Links should redirect to the new location. The library formerly known as office-ui-fabric-react is now available as @fluentui/react (see above table for more information).

We have a lot in store for Fluent UI - Read our announcement here.

Looking for Fluent UI React Northstar?

Fluent UI React Northstar has been superseded by Fluent UI React Components v9. For more details about Fluent UI React Northstar, see its

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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