Action Logger addon for storybook
npm install @forbeslindesay/addon-ondevice-actions
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Storybook Actions Addon for react-native

Storybook Actions Addon allows you to log events/actions inside stories in Storybook.

Framework Support

This addon is a wrapper for addon @storybook/addon-actions. Refer to its documentation to understand how to use actions


yarn add -D @storybook/addon-ondevice-actions @storybook/addon-actions


Create a file called rn-addons.js in your storybook config.

Add following content to it:

import '@storybook/addon-ondevice-actions/register';

Then import rn-addons.js next to your getStorybookUI call.

import './rn-addons';

See @storybook/addon-actions to learn how to write stories with actions and the crna-kitchen-sink app for more examples.