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Next.js router
Use Next.js Router in your Storybook stories.
npm install @gogaille/storybook-addon-next-router
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Storybook Addon Next Router

Use Next.js Router in your Storybook stories.

This is a fork of the storybook-addon-next-router library. It fix the compatibility with next v11.2+.


  • Use storybook-addon-next-router 1.x if you're using storybook 5.x
  • Use storybook-addon-next-router 2.x if you're using storybook 6.x
  • Use @gogaille/storybook-addon-next-router 4.x if you're using storybook 6.x and next 11.2+

As a decorator in a story

import { withNextRouter } from 'storybook-addon-next-router';
import MyComponentThatHasANextLink from '../component-that-has-a-next-link';

export default {
  title: 'My Story',
  decorators: [withNextRouter], // not necessary if defined in preview.js

// if you have the actions addon
// you can click the links and see the route change events there
export const Example = () => <MyComponentThatHasANextLink />;

Example.story = {
  parameters: {
    nextRouter: {
      path: '/profile/[id]',
      asPath: '/profile/lifeiscontent',
      query: {
        id: 'lifeiscontent',

Usage in preview.js


import { withNextRouter } from 'storybook-addon-next-router';

export decorators = [


import { withNextRouter } from 'storybook-addon-next-router';

export decorators = [
    path: '/', // defaults to `/`
    asPath: '/', // defaults to `/`
    query: {}, // defaults to `{}`
    push() {} // defaults to using addon actions integration, can override any method in the router

If you set up withNextRouter in preview, it will not need to be added to the decorators key in each story, consider doing this if you have a lot of stories that depend on Apollo.

Read more about the options available for next/router at

Example App

To see real world usage of how to use this addon, check out the example app:

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