Storybook graymatter docs plugin

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A Storybook front-matter documentation addon

drop-in for integrating, for example, docusaurus or github docs



npm install @hewes/storybook-addon-docs-graymatter

Then edit .storybook/main.js

module.exports = {
  "stories": [
    // ...
  "addons": [
      name: "@hewes/storybook-addon-docs-graymatter"
    // ...


Option Description Default
prefix Prefix the title with this "Folder" i.e. a value of Documentation would create titles like Documentation/Title, which would therefore be in a sub folder.
fileNameFallback If this is true then files without front-matter will still be displayed using the relative filename as the title false


  • filename fallback for files without front-matter
  • sidebar support (to support drop-in from docusaurus)
  • use