Storybook Themes Addon

A storybook addon to switch between different themes for your preview

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Storybook Addon Themes

Greatly inspired by @storybook/addon-backgrounds.

This Storybook Theme Decorator can be used to add a custom HTML class or classes to the preview in Storybook.



This version is compatible with storybook version 7.0.x.


npm i -D @kitsu-io-forks/storybook-addon-themes

Getting started

Then activate the addon by adding it to the storybook main.js file (located in the Storybook config directory):

module.exports = {
  addons: [
    // Maybe other addons here...
    // Or here...

See the storybook documentation for more informations.


The themes parameter accepts the following Config object:

  • default (string - optional): Value of theme selected by default
  • clearable (boolean - optional - default is true): Can the user clear the selected theme ?
  • options (Theme[] - required): The list of themes
  • target (string - optional): Target element selected with document.querySelector() to which classes are applied. Defaults to body.
  • property (string - optional): The HTML attribute to which the theme value is assigned. Defaults to class.

Each Theme under options is an object with the following properties:

  • name (string): Display name for the theme
  • value (string): Property value for the theme
  • color (string): The color of the badge in the theme selector
  • default [deprecated] (boolean - optional): Is the theme selected by default?

You define this in your storybook preview.js file:

export const parameters = {
  themes: {
    default: 'theme-twt',
    list: [
      { name: 'twitter', value: 'theme-twt', color: '#00aced' },
      { name: 'facebook', value: 'theme-fb', color: '#3b5998' },

See the storybook documentation for more information.

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