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Module Federation

You can consider the module federation capabilities provided by this repository as "module federation 2.0". "Module Federation 2.0" differs from the "Module Federation" built into Webpack 5 by offering not only the core features of module export, loading, and dependency sharing but also additional dynamic type hinting, a "Manifest", a "Federation Runtime", and a "Runtime Plugin System". These features make "Module Federation" more suitable for use as a micro-frontend architecture in large-scale web applications.

💡 What is Module Federation?

  • Module Federation is a concept that allows developers to share code and resources across multiple JavaScript applications

  • Module Federation can be used to split monolithic applications into micro-front-end architectures

  • Module Federation reuses common dependencies between modules as much as possible

✨ What new features does Module Federation provide?

  • ğŸŽ¨ Module Federation Runtime
  • 🧩 Runtime Plugins System
  • 📝 Manifest
  • 🚀 Dynamic type prompt
  • 🛠️ Chrome Devtool

📚 Getting Started

To get started with Module Federation, see the Quick Start.

🧑‍💻 Community

Come and chat with us on Discussions or Discord! The Module federation team and users are active there, and we're always looking for contributions.

🤝 Contribution

New contributors welcome!

Please read the Contributing Guide.

🙌 Code of Conduct

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