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How to install addons Create an addon
HTML preview
A Storybook addon that extracts and displays compiled syntax-highlighted HTML
npm install @reapit/storybook-addon-html
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Fork of original module

Forked purely to ensure Prettier is tagged at v2.2.X - a regex was introduced in Prettier v2.3.x which causes my Storybook build to fail. Full credit and thanks to the maintainers of this project.

Storybook Addon HTML

This addon for Storybook adds a tab that displays the compiled HTML for each story. It uses highlight.js for syntax highlighting.

Animated preview

Getting Started

With NPM:

npm i --save-dev @whitespace/storybook-addon-html

With Yarn:

yarn add -D @whitespace/storybook-addon-html

Register addon

// .storybook/main.js

module.exports = {
  // ...
  addons: [
    // ...


The HTML is formatted with Prettier. You can override the Prettier config (except parser and plugins) by providing an object following the Prettier API override format in the html parameter:

// .storybook/preview.js

export const parameters = {
  // ...
  html: {
    prettier: {
      tabWidth: 4,
      useTabs: false,
      htmlWhitespaceSensitivity: 'strict',

You can override the wrapper element selector used to grab the component HTML.

export const parameters = {
  html: {
    root: '#my-custom-wrapper', // default: #root

When using Web Components, the HTML will contain empty comments, i.e. <!---->. If you want to remove these, use the removeEmptyComments parameter:

export const parameters = {
  html: {
    removeEmptyComments: true, // default: false

You can override the showLineNumbers and wrapLines settings for the syntax highlighter by using the highlighter parameter:

export const parameters = {
  html: {
    highlighter: {
      showLineNumbers: true, // default: false
      wrapLines: false, // default: true

Supported frameworks

As of version 4.0.0 all frameworks are supported per default 🎉

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