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Stackbit Models/Presets Generator
A storybook addons that lets you generate Stackbit models and presets from your components and stories.
npm install @stackbit/storybook-addon
Last updated 11 months ago
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A Storybook add-on that lets you generate Stackbit models and presets from your components and stories, to add to your Stackbit project.

This is useful for scaffolding model definitions and presets in a new project, based on your existing stories. The generated models will usually not include all relevant fields - but can serve as a good basis to improve upon later.


Install the package:

npm install -D @stackbit/storybook-addon

Then, include the add-on in your Storybook config file (.storybook/main.js):

// .storybook/main.js

module.exports = {
    stories: [
        // ...
    addons: [


Once installed, re-launch Storybook you will see a Stackbit tab next to the standard Controls and Actions tab, through which you can download the model file and presets for the current story.

Please note the displayed list of which fields are of a supported type and included in the model. For others, you can then define these model fields yourself (see Definining Models).

If you have any questions, please contact us through any of the support channels, e.g. on Discord.

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