Storybook addon for Nuxt and Vite

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Nuxt Storybook

Nuxt Storybook

Integrate Storybook into your Nuxt application.


npx nuxi@latest module add storybook

Update your nuxt.config:

  modules: [
  storybook: {
    url: 'http://localhost:6006',
    storybookRoute: '/__storybook__',
    port: 6006,

Then run pnpm dev to start your Nuxt server.



👌 Zero configuration to start (see video)

🪄 Access Storybook Terminal

ğŸŽ¨ Devtools tab with Storybook app

⚙️ Reference your Storybook config in your app

📦 Extendable by Nuxt modules

🚀 Supports Nuxt 3 / Storybook 8

Nuxt 2

Nuxt 2 is supported with Storybook v6, you can check legacy code on the v4 branch.


  1. Install dependencies with pnpm.
  2. Run pnpm dev:prepare to generate stubbed dist directory.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Run pnpm lint to verify that there are no issues (consider adding tests).
  5. Submit a PR.


This repository is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use the code and modify it according to your needs.

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