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How to install addons Create an addon
Storybook addon for embedding your design preview in addon panel
npm install @storybook/addon-designs
Last updated about 1 month ago
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A Storybook addon that embed Figma or websites in the addon panel for better design-development workflow.


  • Storybook@>=7.0.0

This addon should work well with any framework. If you find that the addon does not work, please open an issue.

Getting started

1. Install

npm install -D @storybook/addon-designs

yarn add -D @storybook/addon-designs

pnpm add -D @storybook/addon-designs

2. Register the addon in main.js

module.exports = {
  addons: ["@storybook/addon-designs"],

3. Add it to story!

export default {
  title: "My stories",
  component: Button,

export const myStory = {
  parameters: {
    design: {
      type: "figma",
      url: "",

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