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Svelte CSF
Allows to write stories in Svelte syntax
npm install @storybook/addon-svelte-csf
Last updated 2 months ago
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Svelte Story Format

Allows to write your stories in Svelte syntax and compiles it to Storybook's CSF syntax. See the native format tab in the getting started docs for an example.

It supports:

  • args stories and stories without args ;
  • the "template" pattern for args stories, compatible with a svelte syntax ;
  • extractions of sources of the stories and compatible with addon-sources
  • decorators
  • knobs, actions, controls
  • storyshots (with a special jest transformation shipped under @storybook/addon-svelte-csf/jest-transform)


  import { Meta, Story, Template } from '@storybook/addon-svelte-csf';

  import Button from './Button.svelte';

  let count = 0;
  function handleClick() {
    count += 1;

<Meta title="Button" component={Button}/>

<Template let:args>
  <Button {...args} on:click={handleClick}>
    You clicked: {count}

<Story name="Rounded" args={{rounded: true}}/>

<Story name="Square" source args={{rounded: false}}/>

<!-- Dynamic snippet should be disabled for this story -->
<Story name="Button No Args">

Getting Started

  1. Add '@storybook/addon-svelte-csf' to your dev dependencies
  2. In .storybook/main.js, add *.stories.svelte to the stories patterns
  3. In .storybook/main.js, add @storybook/addon-svelte-csf to the addons array
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