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Svelte CSF
Allows to write stories in Svelte syntax
npm install @storybook/addon-svelte-csf
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Svelte Story Format

Allows you to write your stories in .svelte syntax rather than .js syntax.

It supports:

  • args stories and stories without args ;
  • the "template" pattern for args stories, compatible with a svelte syntax ;
  • extractions of sources of the stories and compatible with addon-sources
  • decorators
  • knobs, actions, controls
  • storyshots (with a special jest transformation shipped under @storybook/addon-svelte-csf/jest-transform)


<script context="module">
  import Button from './Button.svelte';

  export const meta = {
    title: "Button",
    component: Button

  import { Story, Template } from '@storybook/addon-svelte-csf';

  let count = 0;
  function handleClick() {
    count += 1;

<Template let:args>
  <!--👇 'on:click' allows to forward event to addon-actions  -->
  <Button {...args} 
    You clicked: {count}

<Story name="Rounded" args={{rounded: true}}/>

<Story name="Square" source args={{rounded: false}}/>

<!-- Dynamic snippet should be disabled for this story -->
<Story name="Button No Args">

Actions are automatically registered by Storybook. To be used by this addon, you just have to forward the event (on:click in the previous example).

Getting Started

  1. npm install --save-dev @storybook/addon-svelte-csf or yarn add --dev @storybook/addon-svelte-csf
  2. In .storybook/main.js, add @storybook/addon-svelte-csf to the addons array
  3. In .storybook/main.js, add *.stories.svelte to the stories patterns

An example main.js configuration could look like this:

module.exports = {
  stories: ['../src/**/*.stories.@(js|jsx|ts|tsx|svelte)'],
  addons: [
  framework: '@storybook/svelte-vite',

Version Dependencies


Version 4 of this addon requires at least:

  • Storybook v7
  • Svelte v4
  • Vite v4 (if using Vite)
  • @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte v2 (if using Vite)

If you're using Svelte v3 you can use version ^3.0.0 of this addon instead.


Version 3 of this addon requires at least Storybook v7.

If you're using Storybook between v6.4.20 and v7.0.0, you should instead use version ^2.0.0 of this addon.

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