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sw-addon-reminder is a web-component from Synbee Webcomponents Library, built with StencilJS, TypeScript, Storybook. It's based on the web-component standard and it's designed to be agnostic from the JavaScirpt framework you are using.
npm install @synbee-webcomponents/sw-addon-reminder
Last updated 5 months ago
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Property Attribute Description Type Default
baseUrl base-url string ''
deleteSub delete-sub boolean false
doneFlag done-flag boolean undefined
idPluginAction id-plugin-action number 9
idPluginActionExternal id-plugin-action-external number 22
reminderInfoDTO -- ReminderInfoDTO undefined
state state string ''
taskId task-id number 722
userInfo -- AuthorStencilDTO {name: 'Nome', surname:'Cognome', date:'creato oggi', image:'assets/img/user.svg'}


Event Description Type
collapseReminder CustomEvent<boolean>
deleteAddonReminderEmitter CustomEvent<boolean>
editOutputDataEmitter CustomEvent<any>
outputDataEmitter CustomEvent<any>
reminderDoneSetter CustomEvent<boolean>
undoReminderOutEmitter CustomEvent<boolean>


Used by

Depends on


graph TD;
  sw-addon-reminder --> sw-addon-reminder-header
  sw-addon-reminder --> sw-addon-reminder-body
  sw-addon-reminder --> sw-addon-reminder-footer
  sw-addon-reminder --> sw-badge-error
  sw-addon-reminder-header --> sw-searchbox
  sw-addon-reminder-header --> sw-options-menu
  sw-searchbox --> sw-obligatory-field
  sw-addon-reminder-body --> sw-description-input
  sw-addon-reminder-body --> sw-input-select
  sw-description-input --> sw-obligatory-field
  sw-addon-reminder-footer --> sw-input-button
  sw-addon-reminder-footer --> mds-avatar
  mds-avatar --> mds-text
  mds-avatar --> mds-img
  sw-content-wrapper --> sw-addon-reminder
  style sw-addon-reminder fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px

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