storybook addon for configuring popular styling tools

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Get started in Storybook 7 faster with popular styling tools.

@wesbitty/storybook-theming addon can be used to run postcss preprocessor against your stories in Storybook, all css files will be treated as modules as long as they end with .module.css. Also, previous css configuration done to css loaders won't be override, i.e if you were using postcss-loader or any other extra webpack loader, it will automatically be applied to css modules.

✨ Features

  • ⚡️ storybook css modules loader
  • 🎨 Provide postcss preprocessor

🏁 Getting Started

To get started, install the package as a dev dependency


npm install -D @wesbitty/storybook-theming


yarn add -D @wesbitty/storybook-theming


  • just add the following plugin on your ./storybook/main.js:
  module.exports = {
    addons: [
+     '@wesbitty/storybook-theming',