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Anima DSA (Design System Automation) is a workflow that connects your component library in code with Figma, enabling you to create and manage a single source of truth for your design system.

Please refer to the Anima DSA documentation for more information.

This repository is a mono-repo for all Anima DSA packages.

Package (Version) Description Docs
@animaapp/anima-cli                              npm The Anima CLI is a command line tool that enables you to sync components and design tokens to Figma. Anima CLI documentation
framework-helpers                              npm We've created a set of helpers for popular frameworks to help transform the design tokens JSON into a compatible theme object. Anima Framework Helpers documentation
style-dictionary                                              npm This package contains transformers and parsers for design token workflows that use Style Dictionary. Style Dictionary transformer documentation


We use Changesets to manage versioning and publishing

When developing a new feature, you'll need to run:

  • pnpm create-changeset

Follow the prompt and assign the correct version bump.

Once your work is merged in, the GitHub action will run, which will create a PR from a release branch.

Once that PR is merged, the changes will be automatically published.