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Anima Storybook to Figma
Anima CLI for storybook
npm install anima-storybook-cli
Last updated 11 months ago
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Anima DSA

Anima DSA (Design System Automation) is a workflow that connects your component library in code with Figma, enabling you to create and manage a single source of truth for your design system.

Please refer to the Anima DSA documentation for more information.

This repository is a mono-repo for all Anima DSA packages.

Package (Version) Description Docs
The Anima CLI is a command line tool that enables you to sync components and design tokens to Figma. Anima CLI documentation
We've created a set of helpers for popular frameworks to help transform the design tokens JSON into a compatible theme object. Anima Framework Helpers documentation
This package contains transformers and parsers for design token workflows that use Style Dictionary. Style Dictionary transformer documentation


We use Changesets to manage versioning and publishing

When developing a new feature, you'll need to run:

  • pnpm create-changeset

Follow the prompt and assign the correct version bump.

Once your work is merged in, the GitHub action will run, which will create a PR from a release branch.

Once that PR is merged, the changes will be automatically published.

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