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How to install addons Create an addon
Storybook addon that makes it easy to write hermione tests and speed up their execution time
npm install hermione-storybook
Last updated 9 months ago
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A storybook addon that makes it easy to write hermione tests on storybook component and speeds up their execution time.


npm install hermione-storybook --save-dev


hermione-storybook is not only a storybook addon, but also it is a plugin for hermione which adds selectStory command to open story via storybook API.


If you use storybook@6 and higher:

  • Add hermione-storybook addon into your storybook config:
// .storybook/main.js
module.exports = {
    // ...
    addons: [
        // ...

If you use storybook@5:

  • Add hermione-storybook decorator to your .storybook/config.js file:
// .storybook/config.js
import { addDecorator, configure } from '@storybook/react';
import { withHermione } from 'hermione-storybook';




  • Add hermione-storybook plugin into your hermione config:
// .hermione.conf.js
module.exports = {
    plugins: {
        'hermione-storybook/plugin': {
            enabled: true,
            storybookUrl: 'http://localhost:6006'

        // other hermione plugins...

    // other hermione settings...
  • Write hermione-test using selectStory command from plugin:
describe('button', () => {
    it('primary', async function() {
        await this.browser.selectStory('example-button--primary', {label: 'New button label'}); // second parameter with `args` works only for storybook@6 and higher

        await this.browser.assertView('plain', 'body');



  • enabled (optional) Boolean – enable/disable the plugin. By default plugin is enabled;
  • storybookUrl (required) String - url to your storybook server (example - http://localhost:6006). Moreover it can be specified as a relative url for baseUrl option in hermione. By default url is http://localhost:6006;

Also there is ability to override plugin parameters by CLI options or environment variables (see configparser).

Use hermione_storybook_ prefix for the environment variables and --storybook- for the cli options.


Plugin adds the following commands to the hermione:

  • selectStory - command to open passed story via storybook API. Moreover it can also take arguments which should be updated for the story.


  • open passed story:
await this.browser.selectStory('example-button--primary');
  • open passed story and change label and size args (changing args works only for storybook@6 and higher):
await this.browser.selectStory('example-button--primary', {label: 'Some label', size: 'large'});

Tips & Tricks

  • To check that the hermione-storybook addon is connected to your storybook project correctly, you need to open the preview iframe (for example - http://localhost:6006/iframe.html) and call window.__HERMIONE_SELECT_STORY__ method like that:
window.__HERMIONE_SELECT_STORY__('example-button--primary', {label: 'Some label'});

After that your story with id example-button--primary will be rendered on preview iframe. It means that everything works fine.

  • To convert old url queries selectedKind and selectedStory (users of storybook@5) to story id you can use the following helper:
import { toId, storyNameFromExport } from '@storybook/csf';
const storyId = toId(selectedKind, storyNameFromExport(selectedStory));
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