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Table of contents addon for Storybook Docs

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Storybook Docs Table of contents addon

This Storybook add-on is now an official feature of Storybook 7.1+. This repository is not maintained anymore.

Table of contents addon for Storybook Docs.

Get auto-generated list of links next to your content.

It uses tocbot under the hood.


npm i -D storybook-docs-toc

Be aware that styled-components is a peer dependency.


Take a look at this Storybook as demo

Add this to your preview.js file

- import { DocsContainer } from '@storybook/addon-docs';
+ import { withTableOfContents } from 'storybook-docs-toc';

- addParameters({
-    docs: {
-        container: DocsContainer,
-    },

+ addParameters(withTableOfContents());

or if you need more flexibility

+ import React from 'react';
- import { DocsContainer } from '@storybook/addon-docs';
+ import { BackToTop, TableOfContents } from 'storybook-docs-toc';

export const parameters = {
    docs: {
-        container: DocsContainer,
+        container: ({ children, }) => (
+            <React.Fragment>
+                <DocsContainer {}>
+                    <TableOfContents className="sbdocs sbdocs-toc--custom" />
+                    {children}
+                    <BackToTop className="sbdocs sbdocs-top--custom" />
+                </DocsContainer>
+            </React.Fragment>
+        ),


You can override the default selectors for tocbot via the config prop on DocsContainerHOC or TableOfContents. These also take a custom title.


Some CSS custom properties are available to customize the styles of the table of contents, and the back to top button.

.sbdocs.sbdocs-toc--custom {
  --toc-color: #202020;
  --toc-background: #fff;
  --toc-indicator-color: #efefef;
  --toc-indicator-color--active: #fbd476;

.sbdocs.sbdocs-top--custom {
  --toc-button-color: #66bf3cff;
  --toc-button-color--hover: #66bf3ccc;
  --toc-button-color--active: #66bf3caa;
  --toc-button-background: #e7fdd8ff;
  --toc-button-background--hover: #e7fdd8cc;
  --toc-button-background--active: #e7fdd8aa;