CLI tool for storybook-addon-a11y.
npm install storybook-a11y-report
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CLI tool for storybook-addon-a11y.

Getting Started


If you are already developing in Storybook and storybook-addon-a11y is working, this module will work. If storybook-addon-a11y is not installed, start with this guide.

Installing / Getting started

# Locally in your project.
npm install -D storybook-a11y-report

# Or globally.
npm install -g storybook-a11y-report

# You will need to start Storybook before running this command.
npx storybook-a11y-report


--include, -i   Name of stories to narrow down (supports minimatch)
--exclude, -e   Name of stories to ignore (supports minimatch)
--filter, -f    ID of A11y to narrow down
--omit, -o      ID of A11y to ignore
--exit, -q      The process will be terminated abnormally, if there is an a11y violation in the report result (mainly for CI)
--storybookUrl  URL of Storybook (default: 'http://localhost:6006')
--outDir        Directory to output the report file (default: '__report__')

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.