Angular Router

Addon to enable logging and mocking for the angular router in storybook

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Angular Router Storybook Addon

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A simple plugin to make working with the angular router in storybook easier

How to use it

Install the addon via npm:

npm i storybook-addon-angular-router

Add it to your storybook configuration:

// .storybook/main.js
module.exports = {
    addons: ["storybook-addon-angular-router"],

Every call to navigate and navigateByUrl on the router is now logged in the action panel together with all parameters.

If you want to test the routerLinkActive directive in your story you can set the active route for the story like this:

export const WithActiveLink = Template.bind({});
WithActiveLink.parameters = {
    angularRouter: {active: '/location/1'}

If you want to disable the plugin for a single story you can add the following parameter to your story:

export const DisabledPlugin = Template.bind({});
DisabledPlugin.parameters = {
    angularRouter: {disable: true}

How it works

The plugin adds the RouterTestingModule and a custom Router implementation to your stories. The custom Router implementation provides only the most basic functionality needed to use it in your stories.

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