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Storybook Addon Data Theme Switcher
A Storybook addon to switch the data-theme attribute on the html element
npm install storybook-addon-data-theme-switcher
Last updated 2 months ago
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Storybook Addon Data Theme Switcher

A lightweight Storybook addon to switch data-theme attribute

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This Addon lets you switch the data-theme attribute in your Storybook, by selecting a defined theme from a toolbar dropdown and adding the selected theme to the data-theme attribute of storybooks iframe html element.

This comes in handy if you want to test your components with different themes.


This addon is compatible with storybook version ^7.0.x | ^8.0.x.


npm install storybook-addon-data-theme-switcher --save-dev

Getting Started

Then activate the addon by adding it to the storybook main.js file (located in the Storybook config directory):

module.exports = {
  addons: [
    // other addons here


The addon makes use of storybooks globalTypes to define and load the themes.

To define a selection of themes alongside other configuration options, you can add the following to your global storybook configuration file preview.js:

import type { ThemeConfig } from "storybook-addon-data-theme-switcher";

export const globalTypes = {
  dataThemes: {
    defaultValue: {
      list: [
        { name: "Rainforest", dataTheme: "rainforest", color: "#00755e" },
        { name: "Candy", dataTheme: "candy", color: "#ffb7d5" },
        { name: "Rose", dataTheme: "rose", color: "#ff007f" },
      dataAttribute: "data-theme",            // optional (default: "data-theme")
      clearable: true,                        // optional (default: true)
      toolbar: {
        title: "Change data-theme attribute", // optional
        icon: "paintbrush",                   // optional
    } satisfies ThemeConfig,

To set a default data-theme value, which will be used in the initial load of the storybook, you can add the following to your preview.js file:

export const globalTypes = {
  dataTheme: {
    defaultValue: "rainforest",
  dataThemes: {

Note: Make sure to match the dataTheme default value with one of the defined themes in the list array.


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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