Storybook addon for embedding your design preview in addon panel

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A Storybook addon that embed Figma or websites in the addon panel for better design-development workflow.


  • Storybook@>=8.0.0 (Version 7 of this addon supports Storybook 7)

This addon should work well with any framework. If you find that the addon does not work, please open an issue.

Getting started

1. Install

npm install -D @storybook/addon-designs

yarn add -D @storybook/addon-designs

pnpm add -D @storybook/addon-designs

2. Register the addon in main.js

export default {
  addons: ["@storybook/addon-designs"],

3. Add it to story!

export default {
  title: "My stories",
  component: Button,

export const myStory = {
  parameters: {
    design: {
      type: "figma",
      url: "",

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