Github Issues
Display related github issues for a component
npm install storybook-addon-github-issues
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Github issues for Storybook

Track issues logged against specific components in your repository

Getting Started

yarn add -D storybook-addon-github-issues

Add the following into your .env file:


...where your_auth_token is a Github personal access token with at least the repo scope. This will be used to access Github's GraphQL API to retrieve matching stories.

Add storybook-addon-github-issues to the addons list in .storybook/main.js.

In your .storybook/preview.js:

  issues: {
    repository: process.env.GITHUB_REPO,
    token: process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN,

Tagging stories

By default, issues must have labels matching the name of the story, in kebab case. For example, if your component story is Atoms/Button, then you should tag your issues with button.