Addon Keys

Display keyboard presses in Storybook

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Storybook Addon Keys

Display keyboard presses in Storybook. Demo


npm i storybook-addon-keys --save


Load the addon into Storybook like so:

// .storybook/main.(js|ts)
module.exports = {
  addons: ['storybook-addon-keys'],


Different parameters are available for use in configuring the way keys appear.

Parameter Description Options Default
theme The visual theme used when displaying the keys light, dark, false (uses Storybook theme if supplied) false
position Where to display the keys top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left top-right
size The size of the keys small, medium, large medium
duration The length of time in milliseconds to display the keys for number 800
keyMap The mapping of the keys to their displayed value Configuring key map Default key map

Modifying Parameters

You can modify the parameters using the 'keys' property.

// .storybook/preview.(js|ts)
import { KeysConfig } from 'storybook-addon-keys';

const preview: Preview = {
    parameters: {
        keys: <KeysConfig>{
            theme: 'dark',
            position: 'bottom-right',
            size: 'large',
            duration: 1000,
            keyMap: false,

See Storybook Parameters for a more detailed explanation on how to use parameters.

Configuring Key Map

Keys are mapped from KeyboardEvent.Key to their display value. It can be useful to configure this setting if your app has hot keys you want to label.

For example if I wanted to map the key 'Enter' to 'Accept' I can supply the following.

keys: {
  keyMap: {
    'Enter': 'Accept',

Any changes to key maps will override the default mapping, see below on how to maintain the original key maps while adding in your own. If 'false' is supplied as a key map then the keys will display as they're recieved in the event.

Default Key Map

The default key map is as follows. If you want to use this map alongside your own mapped keys then copy it into your Storybook parameters and append your own keys.

keys: {
  keyMap: {
    ' ': 'Space',
    'Enter': ' ↵ ',
    'ArrowUp': ' ↑ ',
    'ArrowDown': ' ↓ ',
    'ArrowLeft': ' ← ',
    'ArrowRight': ' → ',
    'Escape': 'Esc',
    'Backspace': ' ⌫ ',
    'Tab': ' ⇥ ',
    'Shift': ' ⇧ ',
    'Control': 'Ctrl',
    'Meta': ' ⊞ ',


Toggle the keys with the tool button provided. Assuming you haven't overriden the theme, the addon will automatically use your preferred Storybook theme.

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