A playground to enable consumers learn how to use the component library or to reproduce bugs

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Playground - Storybook Addon

This addon enhances your Storybook experience by allowing you to interactively play with your components. It's perfect for developers looking to experiment in real time, debug issues, or build complex compositions.



To install the addon, run one of the following commands in your project directory:

yarn add -D storybook-addon-playground
# or
npm install -D storybook-addon-playground


Add the addon to your Storybook configuration in .storybook/main.js or .storybook/main.ts:

const config = {
  addons: [
    // rest of your addons ...

The addon configuration is done through Storybook's preview parameters.

Parameter Required Default Description
storyId true The story id that your playground has on Storybook.
components true An object with the components that should be rendered in the playground. The key is the component name and the value is the component itself.
autocompletions false [] An array of autocompletions that should be used on the playground. Recommended to use react-docgen for generating documentation outputs.
editorTheme false Your Storybook theme The theme that should be used on the playground.
initialCode false Empty editor The initial code ("welcome") that should be rendered on the playground.
share false false Whether to allow share capabilities.

On your .storybook/preview.ts file, you should add something similar to the following:

import MyComponentsLibrary from "my-components-library";
import MyIconsLibrary from "my-icons-library";
import reactDocgenOutput from "./react-docgen-output.json";
import { generateAutocompletions } from "storybook-addon-playground";

const preview = {
  parameters: {
    playground: {
      storyId: "playground",
      components: { ...MyComponentsLibrary, ...MyIconsLibrary },
      autocompletions: generateAutocompletions(reactDocgenOutput),
      editorTheme: "light",
      introCode: { jsx: `<div>Welcome to my Playground!</div>`, css: "" },

Set up the playground environment in your Storybook stories:

import { withPlayground } from "storybook-addon-playground";

export default {
  title: "Playground",
  decorators: [withPlayground],

export const Playground = {};


To use the Playground, navigate to the Storybook UI and select a story that has the playground decorator. In your addons panel, see an interactive code editor alongside your component, where you can modify the code and immediately see your changes reflected.


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

Develop locally

Install dependencies and start

yarn start

Go to localhost:6006

Add new icons

Icons are generated using svgr.

In order to add new icons to the addon, drop the icons somewhere in the repo and run the following command:

yarn build:icons path/to/your/icons



Rollup is used to build the addon for publishing.


Vite serves the build to a local Storybook for testing and dev purposes.