Render Modes

Storybook addon that adds ability to emulate render mode (css user preferences) of a story

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Storybook Addon Render Modes

This addon adds ability to emulate user CSS rendering preferences such as prefers-reduced-motion and others.

Initially fork of storybook-addon-css-user-prefs to support sb@^8.0.0

List of supported modes:

  • prefers-color-scheme
  • prefers-contrast
  • prefers-reduced-data
  • prefers-reduced-motion
  • prefers-reduced-transparency
  • print (todo)
  • noscript (todo)


  1. Package installation pnpm add -D storybook-addon-render-modes

  2. Addon registration

const config: StorybookConfig = {
  // ...yourOtherSettings
  addons: [

export default config;


This addon doesnt force changing of rendering mode in browser level (seems impossible). But instead it uses hacky approach: we go through document.styleSheets via JS and manually rewriting media style rules.

This approach may work not as expected in some cases. Feel fre to create an issue for such cases.