Automatically created knobs for storybook.

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Smart knobs addon for Storybook

This Storybook plugin uses @storybook/addon-knobs but creates the knobs automatically based on PropTypes, Flow and Typescript.


npm i storybook-addon-smart-knobs --save-dev


import React from 'react'
import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
import { storiesOf } from '@storybook/react'
import { withKnobs } from '@storybook/addon-knobs'
import { withSmartKnobs } from 'storybook-addon-smart-knobs'

const Button = ({ children, onClick }) => (
  <button onClick={ onClick }>{ children }</button>

Button.propTypes = {
  children: PropTypes.node,
  onClick: PropTypes.func

  .add('simple', () => <Button>Smart knobed button</Button>)


  • ignoreProps

    Type: Array

    Will not automatically create knobs for props whose name is in this array. Example:

      .withSmartKnobs({ ignoreProps: ['numberProp'] })
      .add('example', () => <div numberProp={date('date', date)} />) 


This plugin has a peer dependency on babel-plugin-react-docgen . As a result, babel-plugin-react-docgen needs to be added to your Storybook Babel configuration.

For a standard Storybook configuration, add react-docgen to your plugins in an appropriate .babelrc file.

If you have created a webpack.config.js file for Storybook, you may need to configure the plugin in there.

module.exports = (baseConfig, env, defaultConfig) => {
  defaultConfig.module.rules[0].use[0].options.plugins = [

  return defaultConfig


Use react-docgen-typescript-loader to generate docgen info from Typescript types. This docgen info will be used to automatically create knobs.