A Stencil compiler integration for Storybook.

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Storybook Addon Stencil

A Stencil integration for Storybook (v8). Provides correct custom element definition for ArgTypes and Controls and handles HMR.


Install the addon:

npm install storybook-addon-stencil -D
yarn add storybook-addon-stencil -D
pnpm add storybook-addon-stencil -D

Register the addon in your Storybook config:


/** @type { import('@storybook/web-components-vite').StorybookConfig } */
const config = {
    stories: ["../src/**/*.mdx", "../src/**/*.stories.@(js|jsx|mjs|ts|tsx)"],
    framework: "@storybook/web-components-vite",
    addons: [
            name: "storybook-addon-stencil",
            options: {
                stencilOptions: {},
export default config;

Set stencilOptions if you need to change something for the transpile function of Stencil.

Import the components in your story


import "./my-component";

The addon will handle transpilation of the Stencil components, adding all needed code in the stories file (dependencies, styles, custom element definition). This way you don't need to call defineCustomElements in your preview.js file of Storybook, so you have to remove it.

N.B. you must import all the components you want to use in your stories, except for the dependencies of the already imported components.

You can see an example of story in the demo folder.

Automated docs from Storybook

Automated docs from Storybook still shows incomplete informations for the components, so you have to use the ArgTypes doc block manually in the mdx file.

The component field in the Meta object, automatically infers the argTypes for the component, filling also the Controls table with ALL the properties of the component. If you want to show only the controls for the argTypes defined in your Meta, simply omit the field.

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