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Story Container Switcher
Allows you to switch between story containers
npm install storybook-addon-story-container-switcher
Last updated almost 2 years ago
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Story Container Switcher

NPM version NPM downloads bundle size MIT license

A Storybook plugin that allows you to view your stories inside different container components like Modal, Dialog, Drawer or even better — all at once.


Live example | Example repository


Install the following npm module:

npm i --save-dev storybook-addon-story-container-switcher

or with yarn:

yarn add -D storybook-addon-story-container-switcher


You need to configure the plugin before it can be used in the Storybook.

  1. Add the addon to the addons list in .storybook/main.js

    module.exports = {
        addons: [
            // all other addons
  2. Add the parameters to the .storybook/preview.js

    export const parameters = {
      storyContainers: [
          id: "modal",
          label: "Modal",
          container: YourFavoriteModal
        // more containers
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