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How to install addons Create an addon
Adds a toolbar button to capture pieces of a story as an image which is stored on the clipboard
npm install storybook-addon-storyclip
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Storybook addon for clipping a story or a part of a story as an image.

  1. Press the c key, or click the Camera button to enable the addon.

  2. Hover over any DOM element in the story canvas.

  3. Storybook will highlight the elements as you hover so you know which element is being clipped.

  4. Click the desired element.

  5. Wait for the notification in the bottom right.

  6. Paste the contents of your clipboard in whatever application you want your clipped story in.



This addon requires Storybook 6.3 or later.

It also uses html2canvas under the hood.

npm i -D storybook-addon-storyclip

Add "storybook-addon-storyclip" to the addons array in your .storybook/main.js:

module.exports = {
  addons: ['storybook-addon-storyclip'],
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