Storybook-addon-storypa11y is an addon for storybook that runs pa11y tests over each story in a storybook. It is based on top of the official storyshots addon

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StoryShots adds automatic Jest Testing for Accessibility for Storybook. It uses pa11y in its testing suites.

To use Storypa11y, you must use your existing Storybook stories as the input for Jest Testing.

Getting Started

Add the following module into your app.

npm install --save-dev storybook-addon-storypa11y


Create a file matching your jests test regex and add the following code:

import { initStorypa11y } from 'storybook-addon-storypa11y';


This will create a test suite which tests all of your stories for accessibility.


You can pass an options object to the initStorypa11y function which takes several keys:

suite: 'My suite'
storyKindRegex: /^((?!.*?Fail).)*$/,
storyNameRegex: /^((?!.*?SomeStory).)*$/,
out: 'storybook-static',
test: pa11y,


The name of the test suite that will be generated.


You can pass a regex to only include matching story kinds in accessibility testing.


You can pass a regex to only include matching stories in accessibility testing.


Relative path from the project root to the folder you build your storybook in. Defaults to storybook-static.


Options that will be passed directly to pa11y. See their documentation for what can be passed. Also check the default options set by Storypa11y.


It is also possible to pass your own test function. See stories/failing.test.js for an example.


ReferenceError: __requireContext is not defined

This may happen if you use webpacks require.context functionality to gather all your storybooks stories. It's not available from a jest environment, which we can fix by adding a babel plugin to provide the same interface.

  • Install the plugin with npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-require-context-hook
  • Add the plugin to your pa11y test file. Example:
import initStorypa11y from 'storybook-addon-storypa11y';
import contextHook from 'babel-plugin-require-context-hook/register';



This addon is heavily based on the official storyshots addon and the amazing work done by all their contributors