Text Direction

Toggle between LTR and RTL text direction

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Storybook Addon Text Direction


First, install the package.

npm install --save-dev storybook-addon-text-direction

Then, register it as an addon in .storybook/main.js.

// .storybook/main.ts

// Replace your-framework with the framework you are using (e.g., react-webpack5, vue3-vite)
import type { StorybookConfig } from '@storybook/your-framework';

const config: StorybookConfig = {
  // ...rest of config
  addons: [
    'storybook-addon-text-direction', // 👈 register the addon here

export default config;


The primary way to use this addon is to define the textDirection parameter. You can do this at the component level, as below, to affect all stories in the file, or you can do it for a single story.

// Button.stories.ts

// Replace your-framework with the name of your framework
import type { Meta } from 'storybook-addon-text-direction';

import { Button } from './Button';

const meta: Meta<typeof Button> = {
  component: Button,
  parameters: {
    textDirection: 'rtl',

export default meta;