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Theme provider addon
Storybook addon to manage global themes provided by Styled components, Emotion or any other solution based on React component. Compatible with Storybook versions 7 and 8
npm install storybook-addon-theme-provider
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Storybook Addon Theme Provider

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Addon to manage global themes provided by Styled components, Emotion or any other solution based on React component, which receives prop theme?: Record<string, unknown> and children node(s). This addon is compatible with Storybook versions 7 and 8.

Inspired by storybook-addon-themes.

Storybook Addon theme-provider


  1. Install addon with the package manager of your choice.
npm i -D storybook-addon-theme-provider
yarn add -D storybook-addon-theme-provider
pnpm i -D storybook-addon-theme-provider
  1. Register addon in .storybook/main.(js|ts)
export default {
    addons: [

Use themes

Add decorator withThemeProvider to .storybook/preview.(js|ts). This applies theme settings on global level.

import {withThemeProvider} from 'storybook-addon-theme-provider';
import {Provider} from './Provider';

export default {
    globals: {
        // Set initially selected theme name
        selectedTheme: 'foo',
        // Provide a list of available themes
        themes: [
                // Provide a name for the theme.
                name: 'foo',
                // Set a color to display after theme name
                color: 'red',
                // Provide object with foo theme data
                themeObject: {
                    baseColor: 'red',
                name: 'bar',
                color: '#AAAAAA',
                themeObject: {
                    baseColor: 'green',

It's also possible to enable decorator on story level.

// some CSF story file

export const story = {
  decorators: [withThemeProvider(Provider)]

Use Provider component

Provider is a React component which receives theme prop, containing selected theme object, and children nodes. See Styled component theming or Emotion ThemeProvider.

Developer can use custom Provider component as well.

import React, {ReactNode} from 'react';

export const Provider = <TTheme,>({children, theme}: {children?: ReactNode; theme?: TTheme}) => {
    // apply theme somehow
    console.log('theme', theme)
    return <div>{children}</div>
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