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How to install addons Create an addon
Storybook addon for embedding your Adobe XD design preview in addon panel
npm install storybook-addon-xd-designs
Last updated about 1 year ago
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A storybook addon that embeds Adobe XD specs in your addon panel for better design-development workflow.



This addon should work well with any framework. If not, open an issue.

Getting started

  1. Install

    npm install --save-dev storybook-addon-xd-designs


    yarn add -D storybook-addon-xd-designs

    Make sure you have these peer dependencies installed:

    • @storybook/addons
    • @storybook/components
    • @storybook/theming
  2. Register the addon in addons.js

    // .storybook/manager.js
    import 'storybook-addon-xd-designs/register'
  3. Add your spec to the story!

    import { withXD } from 'storybook-addon-xd-designs'
    storiesOf('My stories', module)
      .add('My awesome story', () => <Button>Hello, World!</Button>, {
        design: {
          artboardUrl: '',
       // Or, if it's 2019, you would have to use two urls like this:
      .add('My awesome story', () => <Button>Hello, World!</Button>, {
        design: {
          specUrl: '',
          reviewUrl: '',

How to make and find your spec url.

Circa 2020

Detailed instructions here.

In short, create a "Development" url to share. Then view it in a browser, find the specific page you want to use in storybook, and copy that URL.

How To

Circa 2019 you had to get 2 urls

Detailed instructions here. It looks something like this:

How To


Add withXD decorator then put design parameter after your story.

NOTE: If you omit design parameter, the addon does nothing.

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