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a storybook addon that checks all of the hyperlinks in a storybook markdown file to determine if they are alive or dead

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Storybook Deadlink Checker

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A lightweight storybook addon that validates dead-links for storybook stories where links are created using the @storybook/addon-links package.


  • Supports node v8.x and above
  • Validates all anchor/internal links in the stories (eg. #my-link)
  • Validates all external links in the stories (eg.
  • Validates all storybook link addons in the stories (eg. LinkTo kind='*')


npm i --save-dev storybook-deadlink-checker

yarn add --dev storybook-deadlink-checker

Usage Guidelines

:warning: Currently support CLI usage, programmatic usage is not supported yet

$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker [dir] [storybook-url] [fileIgnorePattern] [onlyFail]

  --version                   Show version number                       [boolean]
  --file, --file              file path                                 [string]
  --dir, --directory          directory path                            [string]
  --url, --storybook-url      storybook live or local build url         [string]
  --ignore, --ignore-pattern  ignore pattern                            [string]
  --onlyFail, --only-fail     only show failed links  [boolean] [default: false]
  --help                      Show help                                [boolean]

Check Anchor and External Link used in md and mdx files

$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker --dir="./path/to/folder"

Check storybook links along with anchor and external links

The magic is really simple. The scrapper finds all the <LinkTo kind='*'/> , [Link](?path=/docs/*) and <a href="?path=/docs/*">Link</a> tags in the storybook stories and checks if the links are valid in the hosted/local storybook build.

To validate the story links you need to have a storybook url. You can either use the live build url or the local build url.

For local build url, you can use the following command:

$ npx build-storybook -o ./local-storybook-build-folder

// then validate the links
$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker --dir="./path/to/folder" --url="file:///${PWD}/local-storybook-build-folder"

For live build url, you can use the following command:

$ npx start-storybook -p 9009 --no-manager-cache -s public
$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker --dir="./path/to/folder" --url="http://localhost:9009"

Only show failed links

$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker --dir="./path/to/folder" --url="http://localhost:9009" --onlyFail

Ignore special links

$ npx storybook-deadlink-checker --dir="./path/to/folder" --url="http://localhost:9009" --ignore="url-pattern-1,url-pattern-2..."

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