Storybook addon for Matomo Analytics

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Storybook Addon Matomo

Storybook Addon Matomo can be used to support Matomo Analytics in Storybook.

Getting Started


yarn add storybook-addon-matomo

within .storybook/main.js:

module.exports = {
  addons: ['storybook-addon-matomo']

Then, set an environment variable in .storybook/manager.js:

  urlBase: 'https://LINK.TO.DOMAIN', // 👈 required
  siteId: 3, // 👈 required
  userId: 'UID76903202', // optional, default value: `undefined`.
  trackerUrl: 'https://LINK.TO.DOMAIN/tracking.php', // optional, default value: `${urlBase}matomo.php`
  srcUrl: 'https://LINK.TO.DOMAIN/tracking.js', // optional, default value: `${urlBase}matomo.js`
  disabled: false, // optional, false by default. Makes all tracking calls no-ops if set to true.
  heartBeat: { // optional, enabled by default
    active: true, // optional, default value: true
    seconds: 10 // optional, default value: `15
  linkTracking: false, // optional, default value: true
  configurations: { // optional, default value: {}
    // any valid matomo configuration, all below are optional
    disableCookies: true,
    setSecureCookie: true,
    setRequestMethod: 'POST'

Note: This integration is based on @datapunt/matomo-tracker-js, so all configuration options are available.

If you would like to store your urlBase, siteId, etc. in an environment variable so it is not available in your repo, simply add .env file to the root of your project or set environment variables in your CI and reference that in manager.js




  urlBase: process.env.STORYBOOK_MATOMO_URL,
  siteId: process.env.STORYBOOK_MATOMO_SITE_ID,
  // ...