Omit code from the source generated by storybook/addon-info

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Small utility that allows you to omit code from the source generated by @storybook/addon-info. Check the live examples.

yarn add storybook-react-omit


Pass its parameters to storybook after adding the info addon.

(it prevents addon-info from showing the prop types of the <Omitted /> component)

// .storybook/config.js

import { configure, addDecorator, addParameters } from '@storybook/react'
import { withInfo } from '@storybook/addon-info'
import { withOmission } from 'storybook-react-omit'

    header: false,
    inline: true,
    propTablesExclude: withOmission([]), // ← add this line

Then call omit passing any valid JSX

import omit from 'storybook-react-omit'

// ...

.add('My story', () => (
    This will be shown in the source
            while(true) alert("but this won't")

Changing the displayName

By default omissions will be shown as <.../> because the component's displayName is ..., but you can use setDisplayName to change it:

// .storybook/config.js

import { withOmission, setDisplayName } from 'storybook-react-omit'

// ...

setDisplayName('source omitted') // <source omitted/>